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Announcing mappery

Posted by mappery on July 3, 2007 is live!

mappery is a collection of real life maps contributed by map lovers worldwide. It makes it easy to find and explore maps that usually can be found only locally, offline, or through tedious web searching.

Currently most maps can’t be found until you arrive at your destination. Yet often you need these maps to find your way or research and plan your trip.

With mappery, people can find relevant maps about where they want to go before they go. You can find maps by keyword, location, or simply by browsing a map. As well, you can contribute to mappery not only by adding maps but also by adding comments and tags to any map in the collection to let others know your thoughts, advice, or any recent changes related to the map. mappery aims to build a vibrant community of map lovers where the maps are featured BIG, front-and-center.

Check out mappery now and take a look around (any feedback welcome).

A note on this blog: it will be the place to find out the latest news and changes at mappery. There are many things in the pipe that will be rolling out soon, so please come back in a bit for an update (or better yet, add the RSS feed to your RSS aggregator).




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