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Vermont downhill ski area trail maps

Posted by mappery on September 10, 2007

You can definitely tell a lot about a ski mountain from the trail map. As a Vermonter and life-long lover of ski area trail maps, I am happy to report that you can now view trail maps of all currently operating ski areas in Vermont in mappery.

Look at these maps in the Map View and you can clearly see how Vermont ski areas follow the line of the Green Mountains extending up the center of Vermont. Check out the Gallery View to get a sense of all Vermont ski areas at the same time.

It’s also interesting to see the trend of smaller ski areas becoming private ski clubs, like Haystack. I’m not sure how much membership costs, but the uncrowded skiing offered by these clubs does sound appealing after dealing with the overflowing slopes of Stratton.

If you have any other ski trail maps, please add them to the collection.


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