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NYC subway map style showdown

Posted by mappery on May 1, 2008

NYC Subway Map

An interesting article on revisiting the iconic New York City subway map in the NY Times today. The official MTA subway map, etched in every New Yorker’s memory, gets the job done but clearly looks dated next to Eddie Jabbour’s updated version, the Kick Map of NYC. In the other stylistic corner, the modern, abstract, diagrammatic style of the recently updated Massimo Vignelli subway map is currently popular for metro maps around the world, many examples of which are included in the recent Transit Maps of the World map-candy book. Jabbour’s site shows a side-by-side of the 3 different subway map styles… which one do you think is most useful? Which one looks the best?

Take a look at all of the world subway maps in mappery. Guarantee the official Tokyo metro map will shock you…


3 Responses to “NYC subway map style showdown”

  1. sassy girl said

    I think I still like the trad’l one the best: clear, simple. The Kick Map makes me feel dizzy looking at it…

  2. mappery said

    see what you mean about dizzy, but I do think the kick map looks cleaner

  3. mappery said

    Update: The MTA has revealed a new design for the official map. See the full story here:

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