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New map directory for every country in the world

Posted by mappery on August 20, 2008

Washington state maps

OK, I’ve been sitting on this one for a bit.  A few weeks ago mappery released a completely new world map directory with several notable features.  Every country in the world (244 of them here) has a separate country map page with the following:

  • map view of the country
  • top keywords of maps in the country
  • alphabetical list of all maps with thumbnails and other info

In addition, there are also new map pages for all 50 US states and the 13 provinces and territories of Canada. These new map pages will make it easier to drill down on a region and find relevant and interesting maps.

Also, it’s worth noting here that when anyone adds a map to mappery, it is now automatically added to the appropriate country or state/province page. If it isn’t, let us know about it and we’ll be sure set things right around here.


2 Responses to “New map directory for every country in the world”

  1. Great blog
    Keep on this good work.
    Hugs from Bioterra (environmental blog debate- english version available)

  2. liand said


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