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maps meet photos: time to explore!

Posted by mappery on June 29, 2009

A map is an incredibly powerful way to get an overall sense of an area, but it doesn’t give an accurate sense of what a place actually looks like.   That’s where photos come in.

Now, by integrating with photo site Panoramio, mappery for the first time unites thousands of maps with thousands of nearby photos to bring your map exploration experience to the next level.

To grasp the exploration power of the map and photo combo, check out the Kaieteur Falls Trail Map of the famous waterfall in Guyana.  This trail map gives a good overall lay-of-the-land, but the dramatic description “plummets 741 feet into the rainforest and is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world” begs the question: what does Kaieteur Falls really look like?

To grasp the true enormity of the falls, just scroll down to see a collection of nearby photos:


fallsNearby photos now appear on every map page in mappery (except sometimes when there are no photos available near a map).

Here’s another one for you to check out of Dartmoor National Park in England.  Brings the map region to life, doesn’t it?

Would love to know what you think about this latest feature.  If you have any ideas to make the exploration experience even better please let me know.

Have fun exploring!


5 Responses to “maps meet photos: time to explore!”

  1. translator said

    Photos are great but I love to curl up with a map before I travel somewhere. It makes everything much more tangible for me.

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