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Now featuring 1000 ski trail maps from

Posted by mappery on September 8, 2009


mappery has partnered with to bring over 1,000 ski trail maps from the past and present into the mappery collection.  This enormous group of high-quality maps includes both downhill and nordic ski areas from around the world and features a wide variety of artistic styles.

This incredible map collection highlights the fascinating blend of cartography and marketing found in ski maps.  Each map must not only serve as a detailed guide but also as an attractive de-facto brochure to lure visitors.  The best ski trail maps fulfill these dual roles exquisitely and pervade the consciousness of everyone who views them.   As a ski area changes over time, the often annually-updated trail map assumes a third role of historical document, showing growth, different art styles, and even changing trends in skiing like improved glade areas, backcountry access gates, and the rise of the jump parks.

It may still be a bit early to think about the upcoming ski season (except of course in places like New Zealand where things are in full swing), but with this many ski trail maps now easily browsable on mappery, you’d better start exploring them now so when the snow does start falling you’ll know exactly where to go.


6 Responses to “Now featuring 1000 ski trail maps from”

  1. I am mega pumped cuz it just began pouring near my home and that translates to snow in the mountains! And also I bought a discount lift tickets card member for a crazy amount of resorts!

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