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3D views of map locations: mappery integrates Google Earth

Posted by mappery on May 29, 2008

Yesterday Google announced bringing Google Earth to the web browser. Up until now, to see the amazing 3D views of Google Earth required downloading and installing an application and viewing outside of your web browser. Now, all that’s needed to see Google Earth in your browser is a browser plug in, similar to Microsoft’s Virtual Earth.

Once you have the plug in, you’ll now be able to see 3D views of the map area for every map in the mappery collection. Just click the ‘Earth’ button in any Google Map and the view and controls will switch to the same as in Google Earth.

Seeing map areas in 3D often helps to get a better sense of a place, such as the active Colima Volcano in Mexico (shown above), or mountainous regions like Mt. Shasta in California or the Eastern Alps in Italy and Austria. Also, Google Earth’s 3D buildings are a great additional way to visualize urban maps, like this map of the Las Vegas Strip.

Remember to install the plug in first… also note that for now new map markers won’t appear while browsing around in Earth mode; look for this to be added soon.


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