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Introducing the map room you’ve always dreamed about

Posted by mappery on October 14, 2008

As you’ve moved through life, the dream has never faded: one day, you’ll have your very own room dedicated to your vast map collection.  Like drawing rooms, billiards halls, and personal bowling lanes, the “map room” remains the exclusive personal retreat of the lucky few.  If you’re like me, your map room at best amounts to a dusty shoebox or two full of old maps.

But no more!  mappery introduces your very own map room that will quench your life-long desires.  Well, OK, maybe “room” is the wrong word.  We’re talking a virtual room – your very own map page.

Now, when you sign up for mappery, you get your own map room that’s shaped by your contributions over time.  When you add maps and comments to mappery, they show up in your map room.  The room shows a map view of all of your most recently added maps, as well as a keyword cloud allowing you to quickly jump to a particular type of map.  You can use your map room to keep track of maps important to you and peruse them whenever you want.  (see an example map room)

In a way, that’s exactly what you always wanted, right?

Image source: United Service Club, London 1841


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